39 West Catering

39 West Catering is a flexible and creative catering company that caters in Raleigh and the greater NC Triangle area. Though the catering company is new, the owner, the manager and many on the team have been in the food services industry for decades. They are masterful at their craft and service is central to their life’s purpose.

We Build Relationships

39 West Catering is all about relationships. They build long term, heart-felt relations with their customers that have been known to extend to the next generation. When you talk with 39 West Catering you become part of their extended family, and when they deliver and serve fresh, quality food exactly as you wanted it, you’ll feel the difference. What will it feel like? You’ll feel good, really happy to be working with such good people. (How do they know this? People have been saying it for years.)

the 39 west catering team at linbrook hall
39 West Catering is the exclusive caterer for corporate events, family celebrations and weddings at Linbrook Heritage Estates near Asheboro, NC. Above is the 39 West Catering team for a full service wedding reception. Photos below are from an executive event.

What Flexibility Means to You

In the same way that they understand relationships matter, not just for one event, or one year, but through the events of your life, maybe even your children’s and your grandchildren’s lives, 39 West Catering’s flexibility is about making your events as easy, delightful and delicious as a caterer can.

So too, when they say “we’re flexible”, what you can take it to mean is this. 39 West Catering is a small company with all the experience, licenses, bonds, insurance and that a big firm has, but with more flexibility. We ask you what you want. What will help you. What will make you and your guests delighted. If we can do it, we will.

Can Do and Can’t Do

  • What can’t they do? No delivery by drone, jet-pack, hot air balloon; motorcycle, motorboat or jet-ski (for any Jordan Lake campers in a remote campsite). They can however deliver fresh food on time, as you wanted it, as it needs to be to taste great in vans marked 39 West Catering.
  • They can’t get affordable lobsters or oysters off season. But we can get them, if that’s what you must have.
  • They can’t stop a hurricane or a rain storm, but they can and have catered weddings during both. (See weatherproofing your wedding.)
  • They may not be able to turn around a same day wedding catering order in two hours, but, they’ve won an award for catering a last-minute wedding reception (it’s a great story, really) on the same day it was called in!
  • Traffic can be rough, especially during the NC Triangle rush hours. Everyone is moving to here, loving it, because it really is a great place to live. What can’t they do? Helicopter over traffic, tho you could. What can they do? Anticipate it and make plans to arrive well before the rush hour starts.

Get the picture? 39 West Catering is flexible. Ask us if we can do what you want. Just ask. You’ll never know if you never ask. We’ll be waiting for your call. 919-533-0145.